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Jul. 11th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley <3

Life is just beginning

 So that Kid I was talking about in my last post, the new cute guy at work... Turns out he has a girlfriend... Of course! Eh Whatever, I don't need a man! :D


I enlisted into the United States Navy! I am so excited! I leave for boot camp in March so I will continue to work at RT until probably the beginning of Feb. I am so stoked for boot camp and to start my job training! I will go in as an E-3 and by the time I finish with my tech school I should be an E-4!!

Anyways, I'm not sure what else to write. :D I'm just so excited I thought I'd share! :P

Jun. 12th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley <3


Today has been a good day. :) Work was slow and I couldn't stop thinking about something stupid I had done... but whatever. There is a cute guy at work that just started. One of the girls said that he and I should date. haha feels like high school all over again!  haha!! :D

After work I took a friend home and then came to my friends house were we swam, drank heinekin and SoCo and now she's passed out and I'm watching Valentines day. :) so far good movie. <3

now i'm all tingly hahah! :P

Good night!


Jun. 9th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley &lt;3


That is exactly how I feel right now!

What is wrong with me?!
Am I not good enough for single guys?!
Are the only guys I can get either married or like twice my age?!
Why do I feel so unattractive to the potential guys?!

I realize i'm 18 and I don't need to worry about getting married or anything... But I can't even get a fucking date! The most I can get is really drunk and then I end up having sex with someone... Talk about Trashy! I hate that!

I have decided that I am no longer drinking soda, eating candy or ice cream, and i'm not playing drinking games and getting drunk around guys anymore. and the biggest thing... NO MORE SEX!  

I hate feeling like i'm just another piece of ass...Therefore my solution is to NOT be another piece of ass.

Wow, I feel better... Any outlooks?


Jun. 8th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley &lt;3

Don't go chasing Waterfalls

 Today was a wonderful day. :) I got up on time, did my hair, and left for work on time. Work went by fast even though it was slow in the restaurant. Then I came home feeling all good and I watched 4 great movies! :D

Play the Game
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Stepford Wives
Picture Perfect

I am just feeling so happy :P 

I have a new goal for myself. No Candy, Ice Cream, or junk food for we'll start small and go for a month. I feel like I'm gaining weight and I don't like how I'm starting to feel about myself... My clothes don't look nearly as cute on myself as they used too... :/ 

Since I have been dreaming about running I feel like that is some good motivation. :)

I have alot of crap that I need to get rid of, maybe I can take some time and grow up a little and get rid of some of the stuff that I've been holding onto from my childhood. Have Just ONE box of stuff I'll keep, but not have out. I don't need all the shit that I have sitting around and you never know who might need or want it. :) I have a lot of growing up to do... So I may as well start now. :)

Jun. 7th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley &lt;3

Airplanes in the night sky

That song as been stuck in my head for a few days now. :)

Anyways. I cannot believe that it has been over a month since I last wrote. I got so distracted between working and the drama out east and then catching up with old friends and making new ones... It has been exhausting, but well worth the ride. :)

My ex (Camilo) and I talked and we decided to be friends and thats it. Thats really all we can have with me being on the other side of the country and all. :) Which is ok. Anyways, My best friend told me we couldn't be friend anymore but its ok because he is now happily married and I would rather him be happy with her and avoiding the drama with me. :) He's a great guy and he deserves to be happy with all the bull shit i've pulled him through the past four years!

On the other hand, I have decided to allow the past to be the past (finally!) and am moving on from all ex's, former friends and drama. I am not trying to make dead issues work. so now I am focused on making new friends and relationships and myself happy. :) It is such a relief. 

So the reason I'm back after a month of not writing...

I just finished watching that movie, Julie & Julia, and it was amazing! :D I seriously wanna get up and start cooking! :P But that will have to wait haha. :P I have decided that I want to find some sort of hobby. Something I can do that will keep me busy and not sitting on my ass all the time.

Also, after finishing 5 seasons of Lost I keep having dreams about running, so very soon I am hoping to buy myself some running shoes so I can start running again!! :D I used to run almost every day, and now I sit on my ass eating ice cream and candy and crap like that... The most exercise I get is running around at work cleaning tables, which as of lately hasn't been much because I have been hostessing... Anyways...

Enough about that. :) something is changing in me... maybe i'm just growing up... But I feel so incredibly happy now that I have decided to allow the past to be the past and i'm just gonna go with the punches and allow the future to take me where ever it takes me. :)

Keep on smiling because I know I am!! 

<3 <3 <3


May. 5th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley &lt;3

Lifes a dance

You learn as you go... Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow

Don't worry about what you don't know, lifes a dance


I'm not exactly sure where to begin... I am thinking about taking a leap of faith, and just leaving. Moving out of my parents house, finally and just learning the dance as I go. Taking a chance that everything could fall apart in my hands and fall flat on my ass. I wanna get out of here and begin my life. I wanna make my own decisions... not know what is going to happen tomorrow. So I'm gonna do it.

I am going to take the biggest leap of faith of my life so far... and I am going to move out and start my life and make mistakes and learn from them. I cannot wait! <3

Anything to say?? comments?? suggestions?? tips?? 

Apr. 27th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley &lt;3

Missed Yesterday so...

I decided to update in the morning today and then later tonight for today

So yesterday was a great day! :D

I woke up at 1130am then Watched an episode of Lost and sat around for a while. Then I went and filled out a few applications and then found my sister at safeway. She didn't have the money to buy her meds from the dentist so I bought them for her. :) Then I watched another episode of Lost and thenleft to pick the 7 year old I baby sit up

After he and I got home we hung out and just kinda chilled until his mom got home! :D My friend gets home and we drink and she gets drunk and we walk to walmart and buy 100 proof Captain Morgan. I did ONE shot and thought i was gonna throw up. that shit is brutal! anyways, we ended up trying on a bunch of her clothes and taking pictures with her floggers. :) Man oh man was it fun! we were up until 3 am... Her husband got home at like 1230 and we just hung out and talked. :) it was a blast!

So this morning I wake up to the 7 year old talking to himself in the bath room and then later he was fiddling around in the kitchen... He lied to me about having an otter pop and I obviously caught him in that lie real fast... and yea now his dad took him to school and I'm gonna go clean up a little because they have someone staying at their house for a week and we kinda trashed the house drinking last night... :) life is good! <3

I'll update again tonight about today... probably nothing too exciting today. :/

p.s. haha Naughty is one of the 7 year olds spelling words! :P

Apr. 25th, 2010

Future Sailor Haley &lt;3

Whole lotta Nada!

Well today was pretty pointless... It was so incredibly slow at work! I wasn't even clocked on for two hours before they cut me for my morning shift! and even before they cut me I was just standing around doing nothing! Then I played blackjack and war with one of the girls that bartends. :) Then I got put back on to host for about 45 mins and then I was cut and sent home because it was so incredibly slow! Talk about lame!

Then I came home and got dressed all cute and then I sat on my ass... for the past few hours. I did get to talk to a friend of mine for about two hours on Skype. :) that was fun! :P I love that girl! <3

Anyways.... Now i'm gonna do some Pilates and eat dinner... Ramen again?? Oh I hope not... maybe i'll just pig out on some oreos! :D

Not exactly sure what to write about today because not a whole hell of alot happened today... OH! Tomorrow I start my search for another job! :D

Wish me luck! <3
Future Sailor Haley &lt;3

Well let me tell you...

Today started off kinda like I was drifting... I was just going through the motions... Just letting my reflexes do what they know they should do. I worked at Noon today and as I cleaned and cleared tables I wasn't even thinking... It was just happening...I felt exhausted this morning and I have no idea why... But as the day went on it got a little busier and I was running from table to table, to the back to stock stuff, back out to the floor to clean some more tables and eventually i was smiling and flirting with a cute guy at work and actually singing the songs and having some fun! it was fantastic! so by the time I drove home I was jammin out and singing and just having fun! :D Today was a much better day than yesterday. :)

Yesterday I started feeling insecure and self conscious and  so I talked to a friend of mine and she helped a little, but unfortunately its not something someone can tell you and make you feel better... You have to believe it yourself, and I do... I just had a moment of weakness... so I feel better. :)

Tomorrow I work another double and then I'm chillin at home the rest of the night. :) I'm hoping for a busy day!! :D

I need some goals and to do some research for some stuff... not sure what yet, but I feel like I could accomplish a lot more if I started getting focused!

Tomorrow I'm gonna start Pilates! :D I can't wait because I think that it will make me feel so much better! :) anyways... I think its bed time!!

Nighty Night!


Apr. 23rd, 2010

Future Sailor Haley &lt;3

Today's Disaster

I fucking hate today. I wanna go dancing or something but I don't wanna go by myself... and I just had a shitty fucking day! My aunt is the biggest dumbass and most selfish person I fucking know! so talking to her put me in a bad mood and all I wanna do is scream (which I did about 4 or 5 times on my way home from work) I also hate my job because I went from getting paid about 400 a week in tips to about 120 a week. That is bullshit! I punched a wall when I got home because everyone is out doing something fun while I get stuck at home sitting on my mother fucking ass doing absolutely nothing because Everyone in this stupid state has something better to do than hang out with me. Do I feel sorry for myself? NO. Do I want you to feel sorry for me!? FUCK NO! I jsut fucking hate my life right now and I cannot wait to get the fuck out of Arizona and back in to Virginia. I do no wanna be here any more and I am so sick and tired of living in my parents house again!

oh and the most decent date I can get is only with guys that are at least 10 years old than me! when you are 18, that is kinda a big ass difference! or they live in a different state... Seriously!? Fuck that! Arizona guys, you suck giant balls.

Good Night!

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